Gamabr-Gambar Good Friday di Filiphina!!!AWESOME!!!

Alexi Dionitsio keeps nails, which penitents will be nailed to the crucifix in Hagonoy, Bulacan, Philippines
Residents of the island Marinduk in costumes of Roman soldiers at the festival Moriones.
Participants in the parade dressed as Roman soldiers involved in the dance competition at the festival Moriones.
Filipino Catholic is back with a bloody cross on the place of atonement introduce a ritual in San Fernando.
People are photographed and filmed as the blade cuts the man’s back in town Flagellants Angeles.

Flagellants red-backs are on their knees in front of a church in San Fernando.
Catholics with bloody backs are on the streets of San Fernando, continuing to beat ourselves.
The young man hits Flagellants imitating Jesus Christ, the bark of banana tree in Adzhelese, Pampanga province in Holy Week.
Man uses broken glass, inserted into a piece of wood to cut back Catholics in San Francisco.
Samobichevatel beats themselves with bamboo sticks in Paombonge, north of Manila.
32-year old Menard Penafrela, government worker, playing the role of Jesus Christ for the fourth time, hitting people in the costumes of Roman soldiers.
People in Cavite, west of Manila, have prepared a crucifix to be used in the ritual crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Recently, Catholic bishops in the Philippines, criticized the traditional Easter rituals, when people engage in self-flagellation and nail each other to the crucifixion.
Believer nailed to the cross during one of the most extreme rites in the Philippines.
Legs believer nailed to the cross in San Juan, Province of Pampanga, north of Manila.
Good Friday – the most mournful day of the church calendar. Orthodox and Catholics remember the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ.
Ruben ENAYAT (right), which is nailed to the cross 24 times, screams in pain while actors dressed as centurions nailed his feet.
Mary Jane Mamangun nailed to the cross in the village of San Juan.
Around the world are hundreds of processions during Holy Week. In Spain, especially a lot of them. In the photo: members of the brotherhood “Dolors” participate in the procession.
Believers perform “Dance of the Dead” in Vergese, eastern Spain.
Bloody handprints on the wall of the church after the procession, which took place on city streets Verbikaro, southern Italy.
And in India, to simulate the crucifixion of Christ used a spear.
The Believer is a wooden cross in Kutude, San Fernando. Behind him is a man with a whip, dealing with self-flagellation.
The boy looks at a cross bearing a believer in the town of Angeles.
Believer in the mask is crucified in the city of San Fernando.
Member of a religious brotherhood of penitents is tied to a wooden cross in Kutude, San Fernando.
Flagellants beat themselves with bamboo sticks tied on ropes.
The boy looks at Flagellants who prays at a church in San Fernando.
The crowd watches as flagellant engaged in self-flagellation.

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