Seorang Pemandu Lihat Budak 5 Tahun MINTA TOLONG Tepi Jalan.. Apa Yang Ditemui Amat MENYERAMKAN !!!

Artikel penuh adalah dalam English. Siapa yang tak reti baca English, admin tolong ringkaskan kisah inspirasi tentang seorang budak 5 tahun bernama Lexi. Ibu bapa, Lexi dan adiknya umur 3 bulan baru balik dari berenang sebelum kereta mereka jatuh ke dalam gaung. Dalam keperitan dan keparahan fizikal badan, Lexi keluar dari kereta, panjat gaung tu dan melambai-lambai di tepi jalanraya dan menarik perhatian seorang pemandu yang terkejut apabila mengetahui ada kereta remuk dalam gaung… Alhamdulillah mereka semua selamat atas asbab keberanian budak 5 tahun tu. Baca kisahnya di bawah…

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan.

It was a sunny summer day when Angela Shymanski was driving back home from the Canadian town of Prince George with her children Lexi and Peter. The swimming instructor is exhausted: her energetic 5-year-old and newborn baby require all the energy she has. For just a second, the mother of two dozes off. But this one second produces truly terrible consequences.

Out of control, the car careens off the road, diving off a 12 meter cliff and crashing into a tree. When little Lexi opens her eyes, she only has a few scratches. She hears her 3-month-old brother wailing. Her mother is unconscious, behind the steering wheel. At the bottom of this steep cliff, no one can see the family – death seems certain. But then the 5-year-old does the incredible.

Lexi drags herself out of the wreckage and climbs up the steep and rocky cliff face! Once she arrives at the road, she waves down a car to get help. When the paramedics and firefighters arrive, they need a rope to reach the completely destroyed car. Yet the little girl scaled the precipe barefoot. The mother and her children are then evacuated by helicopter to the closest hospital.

Baby Peter experienced brain swelling and Angela’s back was broken, leading to internal bleeding. Thankfully, they all survived! And they owe it all to the brave little girl: “It’s crazy!” says Angela, who is slowly recovering from her injuries. “You can hardly even open the child seat she was in. It’s amazing what Lexi did and we’re eternally grateful and proud of it.”

Without the quick wits and courage of this blond 5-yearold, her mother and her brother would have had no chance of surviving. If this brave Canadian girl impressed you, than share this poignant story! KREDIT HEFTY.CO

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