REKOD - 5 Watak Kartun Yang Paling Old Timer!

When many people hear about cartoons, the only thing that comes to mind is characters on TV or Comic books. Even comic books have come to life as they are developed into film, such as Tin Tin, Superman, Spiderman and Hulk. However, cartoons have been around for thousands of years! Below are some of the oldest.
1. Iran’s Earthen Bowl Cartoon Images
The oldest cartoon perhaps across the world is the Iranian cartoon character found on an earthen bowl in the area of Shar-i Sokhta and about 5,200 years old. It is the earliest example of animation as an expression. The reason they are considered thus is that they have been discovered to tell a story.
2. Felix the Cat-1918
This is a character in the silent cartoon film era, known by its black frame, snowy eyes, big grin and harnessed by the surrealism the animation placed him. This combined with the situations of action made Felix a famous cartoon character known across the film age. He is perhaps the first ever animation character to be popular among movie audiences.
3. Mickey Mouse
When it comes to the modern cartoon, sound is a very important factor and Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse was the first to use synchronized sound in the Steamboat Willie in 1928. It was the dawn of the modern animation, as we know it today. Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy and Popeye among others followed suit and to date, they still uphold Disney’s mastery of animation.
4. Flintstones
Created by Hanna Barbera, it was the most successful cartoon at prime time in the 1960s in the United States as well as in its reruns. Other shows such as The Alvin Show, Top Cat and Jetsons did not survive 12 months at prime time. Flinstones was very popular, even to date. The cartoon series has currently traversed across the globe and still a household name.
5. Astro Boy
This is a Japanese animation made in 1951 by Osamu Tezuka and became instant famous after the master creator has given the cartoon its first comic. It was initially known as Mighty Atom but later changed to the modern title. It has been adapted into film and television, became famous in Japan even before it was ever known in the West. It is still Japan’s number one favorite robot and has a solid performance in the big screen.

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