10 Most Popular Celebrity Search 2011

If you can glean hints about a nation's soul by its most popular searches, then there's plenty to mull over when you consider most popular search-engine keywords for the year 2011. Ten most popular celebrity search for 2011.

See you at no 1 spot and you will be surprise (or not?) to see who occupy the top spot. 

No. 10 Celebrity Search: Taylor Swift. The country-gal-next-door was the Bing search engine's 10th most searched celebrity in 2011.

No. 9 Celebrity Search: Beyonce. Mama-to-be Beyonce Knowles came in a respectable No. 9 on Bing.

No. 8 Celebrity Search: Rihanna. Rihanna burst no bubbles with a No. 8 showing.

No. 7 Celebrity Search: Nicki Minaj. NIcki Minaj positively glows at No. 7 on the Bing celebrity-search list for 2011.

No. 6 Celebrity Search: Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez is (yes, it's going to be said) on fire!

No. 5 Celebrity Search: Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga was last year's No. 1 celebrity on Bing searches, but fell to the middle of the Top 10 list in 2011.

No. 4 Celebrity Search: Britney Spears. Talk about staying power: Britney Spears is still near the top of the heap.

No. 3 Celebrity Seach: Jennifer Lopez. J. Lo will never go back to being just Jenny on the block again.

No. 2 Celebrity Search: Katy Perry. How sweet it is for Perry, who's next in line to the king of Bing's celebrity searches for 2011.

No. 1 Celebrity Search: Justin Bieber. He's Canadian, he probably doesn't need to shave, and he's not old enough to buy a drink. But he's still the most popular celebrity search Bing saw in 2011. All hail the king.

Source form LIFE

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