Miera Liyana Apologized Over Sexy Dress

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian actress, Miera Liyana apologized to everyone over the sexy dress that she had worn revealing parts of her breasts.
According to her, she was rushing when she was choosing dresses that was made by Wan Huzairil on Friday morning for the Gala Night sponsored by Rafflesia and Mandalay at Le Meridien Hotel, here, on the same day.
“I want to apologize to those who felt uneasy looking at me in the dress. I didn’t get to try it on earlier as I was rushing.
“I was the one that had chosen the dress because it simply looked gorgeous and it’s unique compared to others. Never thought things would go wrong.
“If I were to wear a tube, it would look wrong as the dress is bear-back,” she said to mStar Online.
However, the star in the film Apokalips, which will be in theaters soon will be more careful when it comes to choosing her dresses so that the incident won’t ever happen again.
Miera began to feel uneasy herself when she realized weird stares and people approaching to comment on the dress.
“I am prepared and open for any comments from the public and I promise that I won’t do the same mistake again,” said the actress from the dramas Luna Fantasiku and Kamelia Katrina in a regretful tone.

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